Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where to begin?

He is absolutely loving work (school). He has 2 really good friends. He talks about them a lot. Abby and Becca. He has progressed a lot since school started. We are so excited for him. He knows his color's and shapes (he love's pointing out hexagons, I guess he's the only one in his class that know's hexagon's). Now he can count to ten but he skips 4 cause its hard for him to say four. His Abc's are a different story. He will trace them but will not say them for us or at school. His teacher thinks it may have something to do with his speech. He did have a run in with a bully at school which he got punched. He never told us. Till the teacher called about it a week later wondering if Koa said anything. So Koa and this kid are not at the same recess anymore do to when the bullying was going on. Now Koa has said that the kid is nice to him at school. So that's fixed. Koa is still loving being a big brother. When he gets home from work he runs in the house and ask's "where's Eli?" And I tell him. He goes over to Eli and ask's him " did you miss your big brother?" and gives him hugs and kisses its to cute. Right now Koa has strep and a really bad cough. So hes home sick :(
Eli has been on the move for awhile now. Its crazy to see him crawling and trying to stand up on things. He loves getting into Koa's toys and he crawls into Koa's lap all the time. He had his first stomach bug in September and his first ear infection in October. But other than that he's a pretty healthy baby. He weighs 16lbs. he's a little guy, but very active. He loves baby food. He is such a happy baby! He loves riding the 4wheeler with Jeremiah and Koa. He loves Koa, he's full of smiles for Koa. Its awesome. Koa plays a game with Eli now that Eli can crawl. Koa runs from couch to couch and Eli chases him.
Well Jeremiah and I got gym memberships. So we have been at the gym a lot lately between working out and taking the boys swimming. Koa and Eli love the water. Eli last about an hour and half and Koa he can live there if we let him. We have to beg him to leave the pool. But Koa and Eli also love the Daycare there too. Which is nice and works out for us.
Jeremiah is doing good at work.
I started babysitting 3 days a week. A 2year old and 11 month old. It keeps me busy and the boys really enjoys the kids that I watch.
We are getting ready for the Holidays cant wait!
Thank you!
Jeremiah, Courtnie, Koa and Eli Bachert

Pictures! my cell from September till now.

Koa passed out after work
Koa's homework!

Helping me fold laundry
Eli started crawling about a week before he was 6 months
My bday cake that my friends surprised me with
My B-day flowers from Jeremiah and the boys
I had to spike his hair
Koa's picture day.
This is Eli at the Hospital when he got the stomach bug in September

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Koa's 1st day of Kindergarten!

Yesterday was Koa's first day of Kindergarten! Its all day long. He is growing up way to fast. When he was born I never thought I would be sending him off to Kindergarten. God is amazing! Koa was pretty excited about school starting. Probably more excited about what was in his lunch box. He told Jeremiah like 6 times what was in it.
When he got home I had cup cakes waiting for him. He was a Happy Koa! I couldn't really get much out of him. He didn't say much about what he did. He really missed Eli. He kept giving Eli hugs, kisses and wouldn't stop playing with him. It was completely strange without Koa all day yesterday. It was pretty quite for the most part.
Koa was ready to go this morning. He was running to the bus. I am not to sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Running away from mom or just super excited to go to school to learn!
Also Koa calls School WORK!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Busy

Mr. Eli
Great Grandma Myrt
The Family day after the wedding
Nana and her boys!
Eli's first airplane ride asleep
Koa and his cousin
Papa Sherm and Mr.Eli
Titi and Eli
Papa Sherm and Mr. Eli
At Wasilla lake for lunch
Getting ready to go to the creek
Koa's new sand/dirt hill Thanks Papa Sherm

Well where do I start? First off sorry that it has taken me so long to post new pictures.. We have been so busy with Life!
We have been in Fairbanks a lot it seems. In June we were there for 2 weeks while Jeremiah was working and then we were just up there for Leah's wedding. And of course I didn't get any pictures with our camera's Sorry.
Eli is getting so big. about a month ago he weighed 12lbs 9oz. and 24.5 inches long. He is a really happy baby. Full of smiles. We are so blessed.
Koa is doing an awesome job as a big brother he absolutely loves Eli. We we got home from Fairbanks this last time we had to seat the boys next to each other and then the next day we put Eli next to the door and Koa by other door. Jeremiah left Koa in the truck to go grab something and when he returned Koa had moved his car seat next to Eli's it was cute. So now sits next Eli and loves singing to him and talking. Koa starts Kindergarten in month and its all day. I am sure gonna miss him. But he is so ready for work. (aka School)
I will posting more pictures from my phone here shortly
Love you all
Jeremiah, Courtnie, Koa and Eli Bachert

Friday, April 22, 2011

pictures from my phone

Getting ready!